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Introducing the STP Awards Series swim teacher curriculum 

The Swim Teacher Pro Awards Series is a new high-standard swimming curriculum for teachers in Canada. The purpose of this curriculum is to provide swim teachers with the tools they need to teach the individual in the pool, not the one on paper or on a checklist. 

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Why is the STP Awards Series swimming instructor curriculum unique? 

This curriculum recognizes that everyone comes to swimming at different ages, with different abilities, and from different backgrounds. It teaches instructors to account for these differences, and provide learning experiences and techniques that are tailored specifically to the individual swimmer. 

Benefits for teachers and affiliates

Swim Teacher Pro is committed to improving the quality of swim teacher education in Canada. To do this, we support our affiliates and teachers with a modern approach to certification and professional development, delivered through the Swim Teacher Pro online course. Upon completion of their certification and a successful application, affiliates can offer the STP Awards Series curriculum in their own pools, spreading the benefits of this teaching style to their community. White label options are available for those who want to match STP Awards Series to their business.

What if I’m already certified?

We recognize that most aquatics organizations either offer a different swim awards scheme, or have developed their own. STP Awards Series makes it easy for affiliates and teachers to transfer their current curriculum to ours by offering conversion tools and comparison charts as part of the online learning portal. You’ll also be assigned a dedicated mentor to assist with certification and delivering staff training. 


The STP Awards Series 

STP Awards for Kids: Foundations Stages

The STP Foundations Stages are parent/caregiver-accompanied programs for infants 0-18 months. STP Foundations Stages are linked to the Active Start stage of the Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity Framework.

STP Awards for Kids: Fundamentals Stages 

The STP Fundamentals Stages are parent/caregiver accompanied programs for toddlers ages 18-36 months. STP Fundamentals Stages are linked to the Active Start of the Long-Term Development in Sport and Physical Activity framework. 

STP Awards for Kids: Independent Stages

In the STP Independent Stage, swimmers ages 3 to 10 learn the skills and technique necessary to perform the four swim strokes: front crawl (freestyle), backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, as well as starts (dives) and turns. 

Swimmers also learn when it’s safe to go swimming, safe entries and exits, how to recognize emergencies and call for help, as well as personal survival techniques. 

STP Awards for Kids: Development Stages 

In order to complete the STP Development Stages, swimmers must master a 100 metre individual medley. Swimmers also develop their water safety skills, learn how to prepare for exercise and why it’s important, and learn basic rescue skills to help other swimmers in distress. 

Adults Awards Series 

Water Confidence is for adults with no previous swim experience, who are nervous or have had a negative experience in the past which has halted their swimming journey. 

Learn Freestyle is for adults who can’t yet swim freestyle or perhaps can swim up to 25m but then have to stop and rest.

STP Distance Awards Series 

The Seal Swim Distance Award Series is an award scheme made up of seventeen badges for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

The Distance Award Series has been developed with accessibility in mind, as there are no specific stroke or skills requirements, other than swimming from A to B. We feel that this is perfect for swimmers who move, behave or progress a little bit differently, as well as swimmers looking to take on a distance challenge.

The award series is split into three areas: pool distance, long distance and open distance.