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A modern, online swimming instructor course for Canadians

SwimTeacher.Pro is a new high-standard alternative to the current swim instructor curriculum in Canada, delivered right to your home. Get expert-level swim teacher training through an interactive online learning platform, and launch your career as a swim instructor in Canada.

Learn how to truly teach swimming, not just follow a checklist. Work with students of all ages and abilities, and make a lasting impact on the next generation of Canadian swimmers.

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What is Swim Teacher Pro?

Swim Teacher Pro is an enhanced online learning platform, teacher’s network, and affiliate program for existing and aspiring swimming teachers and aquatics organizations in Canada. 

Designed as a high-standard alternative to the swim instructor certifications in Canada, Swim Teacher Pro seeks to help individuals and organizations elevate their teaching abilities and career prospects. Our goal is to make swimming not only safe, but fun through personalized training that encourages teaching the person in the water, not a checklist of requirements.


“Swim Teacher Pro is a new standard for teaching swimming that benefits everybody in the sport—kids, parents, instructors, and organizations—and is delivered through a modern, efficient, and online learning experience.”

— Simon Easton, creator of Swim Teacher Pro.

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What’s included in the swim instructor certification?

  • Access to the Swim Teacher Pro online learning portal
  • Hours of swim teacher training via multimedia content, live demonstrations, and self-paced learning modules
  • Three one-on-one mentoring sessions from certified swim teacher trainers
  • Training on the Swim Teacher Pro Awards curriculum
  • An online assessment
  • An official Swim Teacher Pro certificate of completion
  • Access to the Swim Teacher Pro Network
  • Affiliate and profit-sharing opportunities

Swim teacher training that benefits everyone

We believe that high-quality swim teacher training not only benefits the swimmer, but also has a positive impact on the parents, the instructor, and their organization. Because when swimming is safe, fun, and profitable for the businesses that offer it, our sport and those that love it in Canada thrive. 


Swim Teacher Pro certified teachers gain the skills they need to launch a successful career as a swimming instructor in Canada. They become masters of the STP Awards Series curriculum, and learn how to teach swimmers at all ages, skill levels, and ambitions. And with lifetime access to the Swim Teacher Pro Network, certified teachers join the fastest-growing community of swim instructors in Canada, with access to resource libraries, professional development credits, and community and job boards. 

Aquatics Organizations

Swim Teacher Pro affiliate organizations get perpetual access to a profitable, no-cost alternative to in-person courses. They’re able to quickly and affordably train new staff on the STP Awards Series curriculum through the online learning platform, helping them expand their swimming schools to the next generation. Affiliates receive access to exclusive revenue-sharing opportunities via a unique registration code. Every time one of their customers or teachers takes the Swim Teacher Pro course, our affiliates share in the wealth. 


Learning to swim is not a one-size-fits-all experience. There’s no checklist that can account for each swimmer’s age, experience, body type, and confidence level. Swim Teacher Pro accounts for this by giving teachers the tools and knowledge they need to teach the individual in the pool, not the one on paper. As swimmers work through the STP Awards System, they receive certificates that show their progress. The result is a better learning experience for students (and their parents), which makes them more confident and able swimmers for life. 

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Our Story

The idea for Swim Teacher Pro came from the creator’s belief that swim teaching should be seen as a viable career path in Canada, not just a means for young adults to pay their way through school. 

With decades of experience as an athlete, teacher, and business owner, Simon Easton, Head Coach of Director of Seal Swimming, identified a gap in the current swim instructor curriculum in Canada. While other countries treat swim teaching as a personalized experience for the swimmer, Canada’s curriculum is more rigid and based on a checklist. The result is a less specialized form of swim instruction that is, in turn, not seen as a serious profession. 

Because of that, and with pool time in Canada at an all-time premium, more than 1 million Canadian kids could be missing out on swimming lessons due to a shortage of swim teachers. Meanwhile, one of Canada’s two largest providers of swimming and water safety education has withdrawn from the aquatics arena. 

The demand is there, but the supply of professional swim teachers is lacking. 

The solution? Leveraging the growing popularity of online learning to deliver a high-caliber swimming curriculum that makes teaching a viable career option for people and organizations across Canada. 

This is the vision behind Swim Teacher Pro. Want to come along for the journey? 

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