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Become an STP affiliate and share in the growth

Swim Teacher Pro affiliates can offer the exclusive STP Awards Series curriculum at their existing pool or aquatics organization. Or, they can venture off on their own and kick start their swim teaching career as a solo entrepreneur. In both cases, affiliates get access to profit sharing opportunities with Swim Teacher Pro.

What is the Swim Teacher Pro affiliate program?

Swim Teacher Pro affiliates are certified STP swim teachers who are linked to our community of professionals as a revenue-sharing partner. As an affiliate, you have the ability to teach the STP Awards Series curriculum as part of your own business, or at your pool or aquatics organization. 

STP affiliates are also given an exclusive registration link that they can share with aspiring swim teachers. When those teachers take the STP course, affiliates receive a portion of the sale price as a thank you. 

Track and monitor your team’s training anywhere

As an affiliate, you receive access to an instructor development system that you control. From here, you can keep track of the progress your team is making toward STP certification. Affiliates and their students also get access to our network of mentors who can help you and your team when needed. The Swim Teacher Pro learning portal is available online, at any time, on any device.

Grow your swim school without the added overhead

Anyone who runs a swim school knows that time spent in the pool is either money spent or earned. With the online training modules offered in Swim Teacher Pro, swim school affiliates can train their entire team on the STP Awards curriculum, without having to eat up valuable pool time for in-person instruction. The only cost to you is the course registration. The rest is pure profit from affiliate rewards and swim lesson fees. 

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